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Lung – Parasympathy

Lung have just dropped their new EP Parasympathy, recorded right here at Sing Sing South! Produced by yours truly, this record smashes your face with all kinds of rock juiciness.

See below for the effects of Lung:


This was a super cool record to work on, these guys were real pro; they could play their instruments AND have a good time.

We hired a Yamaha Phoenix, one of the top drumkit modelsĀ in the Yamaha arsenal, comprising a 10, 12, 14, 16, setup and a range of snares… I think we had a black beauty and a vintage Ludwig piccolo, amongst a few others!

Guitars, we smashed out on a variety of amps; Marshal JCM 800 and a 2000, Peavey 5150, Orange Thunderverb and a Sherlock!

For bass we used a SansAmp bass rack into a 1073 paralleled with a clean DI into my trusty Avalon V5

Vox, we destroyed a Chameleon Labs TS-2, which is a tube condenser microphone, into my favourite pre for vocals, the JLM 99v, then hit it with a couple of compressors at different attack/release times. I used a Teletronix LA2A first in series with a Purple Audio MC77 – tasty.

I really dig the result I got with this vocal treatment. Liam’s vocals have this dirty edge from the tube mic and JLM combo, with tube stage in the LA2A adding extra harmonic distortion. Cool right?

Here, gawk at some photos:

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